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LJ Malay Translation Team
This is not a badly-translated movie subtitle.
2nd-Nov-2006 12:21 am - Tackling some immediate issues [admin]
Misc :: Exclamation Mark
Ok people, we need to sort a few things out.

1. Joining lj_malay
The community userinfo says:

Joining the Team
Anyone with a fair grasp of the language and some time to spare can join the team. Please join the community and send an email to lj_malay @ livejournal.com to request translation privileges.

In the past few months, I have received a number of notifications of people wanting to join the community. Most of you completed step 1 (joining the community), but none of you finished the application process by actually sending in that email.

Now it's really easy to hit "Join" but this community doesn't need a huge roster of members who are sitting around not planning to do anything. Sending in that email shows that you really are interested in what we do here. If you just want to watch, you can always friend the community.

If you've tried joining lately and received no response, read the userinfo to see what information I require and send in that email.

2. Active Translators
I could be imagining things, but I've been noticing bits of translated sections that I could have sworn was in English the last time I was at that page. Is anyone actively translating at the moment? If you are, we need you to say so. There are two reasons for this:

First, claiming pages will ensure that no two people accidentally work on the same page at the same time without being aware of it. It allows us to keep track of what's being done, what's been done, and what's left to do. We have a word list here for those common and reoccurring terms that must be kept standard.

Secondly, if I don't know you're active, I can't tell the Paid Account Fairy that you've been good and deserve a few months of Paid Account as a reward. If the guys over at lj_translate does an active check, I'm gonna end up saying, "Nope. All crickets here." This isn't nice if you have been working. I like people to have a fair chance of being rewarded for their effort, if they want it.

3. Wanted: New Head
Due to various reasons that include "RL ate me" and "My Malay has deserted me", I have been inactive in this community for a good number of months now... which isn't very nice when you're the head. I'll be happy to hand over the reins to anyone who plans on being more active than I am. If there isn't anyone, I guess I'm fine sitting here doing nothing too.
12th-May-2006 08:22 pm - Updates all around [admin]
Misc :: Exclamation Mark
This is an active check, as I haven't been active myself in some time and I'm not sure what everyone is up to.

As a reminder, page claims are listed here. If you ever want to see who's currently doing what, that's where to go. You should ideally also post a reply there if you're claiming a page, just in case I'm slacking in updating the list.

This is the current list of translators with privs:


Please welcome riddler_ and rino_asakura.

A few people on the list requested privs but didn't join the community and/or are never heard from again. I thought I might as well do a general active check: If you're staying on, reply and let me know if you're doing anything. I'd hardly call a kettle black if you're not up to anything at the moment, but just let me know if you're around. Oh, and claim a page.

If I don't hear back from anyone within a week, privs will be removed.

The sidebar should contain links to everything you need. If you're new, take a look around and don't hesitate to ask if you're fuzzy on anything.

loopy smiley
Hey guys, sorry that haven't dropped in for so long, but I got some time to kill for now, so I'm working on the page above. Hope that's all right? Here's the link: HERE (the top half has been translated and I did not touch that)

Here's a few more contentious terms:
- downtime - which I translated as 'masa rosak' (as according to LinguaWeb), plus I added the original English term in brackets.
- instant messengers - I maintained this in quotes, the translation of Many of them use popular instant messengers becomes Ramai yang menggunakan program-program 'instant messenger' yang popular
- Chat - For the header of that section ('Chat!') I maintained the original term, however for the body of the text I translated it to 'borak'. I maintained the header because I figure it is in common usage in Malay anyway.
- text messages - this I simply translated to 'SMS', as per the Malaysian usage. :)
- Open Source - Sumber Terbuka?
- Server-side application - ??

That's all for now!
2nd-Mar-2006 04:46 pm - LinguaWeb
Misc :: 3 Worlds - MC Escher
[ Link ]

Adlan of neuramatix.com plugged this site in an older post. It's an English-Malay translation tool. Try it out. :-)
6th-Jan-2006 11:07 pm - Happy new year! [admin]
Misc :: Exclamation Mark
Before this slips further down my list of To-Do's...

A little reminder that all translators need to join and watch lj_translate, which is not terribly traffic-heavy and quite useful.

If you have not done so, I encourage you to change your language setting to Bahasa Melayu so you can actually see it in action when you move around LJ.

You can claim your page here.

If anyone wants me, I'll be staring blankly at the accountstatus.bml page.
28th-Dec-2005 12:04 am - Catching up [admin]
Misc :: 3 Worlds - MC Escher
I apologise for dropping out of sight. I got eaten by Real Life.

I was planning to write something about how things will work around here but suddenly, three weeks passed and I haven't done anything. So! I'm just gonna jump in the deep end as usual and answer the questions as they come.

If you came here via a Malaysian community, welcome. Please take a look around, particularly at this post since it should address what you need to know before you decide to join us. If you have any further questions, please ask in that post or this one.

burr86 made a post about using the translation interface. Useful read, if you haven't seen it.

I am still looking for someone to manage the master word list. I explained further in this post.

Out of the 26 members in this community, 2 are lj_translate people (so I'll leave you alone), 3 or 4 registered interest in continuing, and there is no sound from the rest. At some point, I'll be removing those who are not (active) translators. It's not on the top of my list, but I could randomly get anal retentive restless and start spring-cleaning.

2006 is when we officially get started, whether or not we get extra help after this.

Here's to the new year.
8th-Dec-2005 08:10 pm - FAQ ver. 1 [admin]
Misc :: X marks the spot
This FAQ is a work in progress. I hope it'll help answer basic questions for those who are interested and those who are already here.

Do ask if any point needs clarification or any questions are unaddressed.

Read more...Collapse )
7th-Dec-2005 03:46 pm - Error Reports [error reports]
Misc :: Grammar Nazi
Spot an error in the translation? Tell us exactly where you found it.

Thanks for your help!
Me :: Reporter Witch
Hey all.

I've purged the translation privileges list of the former translators and updated with those who recently offered. If you're interested in (re)joining the team, please comment here.

As this is an official LJ translation community, I ask that all posts here stay on topic. I'll be going through the old posts and removing the unrelated and obsolete ones (since there's few enough posts to go through and I like the idea of starting on a clean slate).

We will also be making use of the tags to help us keep track of what's been/being done. We'll discuss this another time. Right now, I'm tagging old posts that we'll be keeping for reference.

Oh yeah, please use the Subject line when posting.

I'm a little confused with some of serabut's old posts. It says things like "Page 1: so and so" but I find no such thing when I go to Page 1. I suspect the pages have changed since then. serabut, if you're reading this, can you verify this? In any case, I'm keeping her posts for reference.

Apart from actual translating work, we need a master word list to ensure consistency. If anyone is interested in this task, let me know. You don't have to actually be one of the translators or do any translating work if you don't want to. You just have to compile a list of words and keep it up to date as additional words come in. You'll probably be kept rather busy in the beginning!

serabut, sol and putri have contributed greatly to this in the earlier stages of this project so their posts (tagged here) is a good place to start.

To all previous translators, thank you for kicking off the project. You're welcomed back on the job anytime.

I'm working on a recruitment post for malaysians and katakita and will probably post within the next couple of days, after I work a few more things out.
2nd-Dec-2005 09:32 am - Active Check [admin]
Art :: Jungle Watch - Narong Daun
In early November, I received an email from LiveJournal Translation Coordinator Ryan Fitzpatrick seeking active translators still willing to work on this project. I replied saying that I haven't been active, but I'm willing to give it another go.

This morning, I realised that I've been upped to the Maintainer of of this community... after getting an email saying that lj_malay has been upgraded to a Permanent Account.

Ok... I don't recall asking, but I was gonna offer if sol didn't want to do it anymore. You still there sol?

Rambling aside, this is a roll call. If you still want to help translate LJ to Malay, reply here and we'll get this place organised. :-)
29th-Oct-2005 01:15 am - Still On?
Hi all, at least those of you who are still alive over here. I realize the last entry in this community was eons ago and it might have been "shut down" due to the lack of activity, but..

I've just joined the community and I'd like to find out if the Malay translations are still going on. I'd love to help, but I'm not sure if I could do this on my own. I don't think I could manage the community, simply because I've never done it before and I don't manage any other communities on LiveJournal.

And with reference to the details provided in the userinfo, my native language is most definitely not Malay. I only happen to live in Malaysia. And I used to attend government schools, so my grasp on the language is fairly strong.

Mostly, I just want to know if anything's still going on around here. I checked up on the statistics, and apparently we've got about 14% done.
11th-Oct-2003 01:52 am - Testing, tesing [old : translations]
Alright, I'm a little new here. I have no idea how to save the changes, so I'll let anyone who does know do it..after they got through it.

Here they are!Collapse )
21st-Sep-2003 06:33 pm - A lil' bit o' work... [old : translations]
loopy smiley
Holaaaas. Because I'm anal, here we go... :)
(p/s lilyn, if you're onboard, welcome! And er, sila-silalah buat notation like this, just so obssessive people like me can keep up. Hehe.)

Again, please give feedback etc if you feel patut ditukar or anything. :)

Page 1: /changepassword.bml.changepassword.instructions --to-- /editinfo.bml.blockrobots.header (Sev:3)
- reminder, 'enter' is translated into 'input'. Got better suggestions? (e.g: enter an account creation code = sila inputkan kod penciptaan akaun)
- Turn this on if you want your city/state/country and birthday to be visible to other users. = Pilih opsyen ini...
- It seems a little creative translation is needed, as the instructions are very casual, and thus, slang-y.

Page 2: /editinfo.bml.chat.aolim.title --to-- /editinfo.bml.error.day.outofrange (sev:3)
- this one, I just copy balik all the names, because your typical Malay-language user would've used the terms in the original form anyway (or at least understood it), like AOL IM or ICQ UIN. Kalau for those yang boleh translate like MSN Username, then I translate.

Page 3: /editinfo.bml.error.email.lj_domain --to-- /editinfo.bml.error.locale.state_ne_country (sev: 3)

Page 4: /editinfo.bml.error.locale.zip_ne_state --to-- /editinfo.bml.finished.header (Sev: 3)
- I know United States is Amerika Syarikat in BM, but I'm keeping United States, because I realised that the country list will not be translated (at least, I tak jumpa lagi) and it'll be confusing. (same goes for pg 3)
- or a nickname or handle. = atau nama samaran. That's it. It means the same thing, kan?
- If you're going to use text messaging = Jika anda ingin menggunakan perkhidmatan SMS
- Service provider?? help! Penyedia servis?

Would like to do more, but gtg. :)

Complete: 25.37%
loopy smiley
Remember this one:

Page 1: //customize/index.bml.error.no_core_parent --to-- developer/index.bml.styles.s1.system.about// Sev: 3
- No core parent?: Tiada ibu teras?

Ok, changed it. Parent, from ibu to induk. So now it is: 'tiada induk teras?'/

All right, g'nite all. :)
19th-Sep-2003 03:08 pm - Short update! [old : word list]
loopy smiley
Hola you all,

Sorry dah lama tak buat kerja, but am busy with other stuff (e.g other translating projects that I need to pass. Bah.)

At this mo' haven't continued yet, but am posting this very interesting bit of trivia....

The word 'default' does not exist within DBP's lexicon...! waaaah....

Seriously. I went to look it up at the mammoth Dwibahasa one, the one with the jade green cover, but no dice. I looked it up in its Computer and Technical Bilingual one, pun takde.

In the end, it's the Federal-Chambers Dictionary that came through.

So, you know, for future reference, the word for default is...

'fungsi lalai'.

ok, ta! see y'all later. :)
loopy smiley
Howya all today? Watched Pirates of the Caribbean yet? ^^

I think I'm finally getting the hang of this notation thing. LOL

Things to remember: Friend - Sahabat. Also, get that damn technical glossary.

Anal Grammar notes, thanks to my lecturer:
compound words are spelled separately in root form (e.g ubah suai; hak milik), but spelled together with prefixes and suffixes (e.g. diubahsuaikan)

Notes for today:

Page 1: //customize/index.bml.error.no_core_parent --to-- developer/index.bml.styles.s1.system.about// Sev: 3
- No core parent?: Tiada ibu teras? (Help me out here. Any better suggestion for parent?)
- Previews: pratonton
- Early adopter: pengguna awal
- Advanced: lebih taraf
- To create new layers and styles from scratch: Untuk mencipta lapisan dan stail baru tanpa acuan
- setup: disusun/tersusun

Page 2: //developer/index.bml.styles.s1.varlist --to-- developer/index.bml.title// Sev:3
- Variable: Pembolehubah
- Browser: (I'm sure there's a proper term in Malay, but I'm going with the common usage rule. HAHA)

Page 3: //ddirectory.bml.error.accounttype --to-- doc/index.bml.docs.tour.about// Sev:3
- Log in: login
- Repository: Tempat simpanan
- (I forgot!) Server: Pelayan (don't laugh. I toldya official translation kinda iffy)
- Frequently Asked Questions about LiveJournal.com: FAQ atau Soal Jawab mengenai LiveJournal.com
- Tips and tricks: tip dan helah (blergh)
- hack: godam. (yup. I'm not kidding)

Page 4: //doc/index.bml.docs.tour.title --to-- doc/tour/index.bml.comms.title// Sev: 3
- Tour: Teroka (actual use), but I use Lawatan
- (Forgot lagi)Program: Aturcara

Page 5: //doc/tour/index.bml.create.caption --to-- doc/tour/index.bml.nav.prev// Sev: 3
- (d'oh) Create: cipta
- Friends: Para Sahabat

Page 6: //doc/tour/index.bml.profile.caption --to-- editinfo.bml.allowshowcontact.email.withdomainaddr// Sev: 3
- Site Map: Peta Laman

Ok, I'm going to my Japanese class now. -_-;;

At time of post: 24.26% done
2nd-Sep-2003 01:14 am - Because I'm crazy. [old : word list]
loopy smiley
More updates:

- debugging: nyahpijat. :P (Code: /create.bml.clusterselect.text )
- spammers: ...maintain...
- layout: ...maintain... (definition: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/l/layout.html)
- customize: peribadikan
- backend: kod asas
- table: ...maintain... (Code: /developer/index.bml.dbschema)
- Embed: menanam. (Pah. Code: /developer/index.bml.embedding // in the page starting with Code: /developer/index.bml.dbschema)

At time of post: 20.37% done.

loopy smiley
Hey guys,
So right now tengah mentranslate. As usual, am stumped by the technical terms. Too bad, I don't have the DBP Computer Glossary right about now.
My method right now is to find the meaning of the terms in English and menggapai for an appropriate Malay term....

Stumped: (in brackets are what I'm using now)

- Default *first encountered in pg 1* - (asal)
definition: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/d/default.html
- Attribute *first encountered in pg 6* - (ciri)
definition: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/a/attribute.html

Update: (anyone welcome to a better suggestion)
- Actions: gerakan
- Manage: urus
- Moderate : awas/pengawasan
- Moderator: pengawas
- Maintain: kendali
- You need to enter your username: //in place of enter, I put 'menginputkan'. Ok?//
- friend: kawan
- Setting: seting (this one I checked in the DBP bilingual dictionary. But then again, it's not a computer specific dict.) I do like the sound of 'larasan'... but like I said, we need a proper English-Malay computer/technical glossary. (and I'm broke. Bweh)
- Username: Nama pengguna
- Password: Kata laluan (seeing how thanks to EraFM, it's now common usage)
- Access: laluan/kebenaran, whichever's appropriate
- Posting Access: Kebenaran Mempos //Posting is another word for 'publish', though I think 'menerbit' is damn melampau...//
- Approve this entry? : Benarkan pos ini?
- pre-approved : pra-dibenarkan //pg 8 & 11//
- poster: Yang membuat pos //pg 8//
- View: ruang pandangan //pg 9//
- protocol error: ralat protokol //pg 11//

In other news:
Now that Google has its own Malaysian version, I'll accept that the word for 'search' is 'carian'. Duly noted and acted on. (search - first encountered in pg 4// LJ Search Community //)

Also, regional communities >> komuniti rantauan. ok?

Plus, I maintained FAQ as it is. I think it's an acronym of common usage, so I left it be. I know there's a proper translation for 'link' too, but going by the common usage rule, I'm letting that be.

Heh. I sound so incredibly anal.

*pages done: 1 to... 20 at 0+ severity search... I dunno man. I forgot how I got these pages* Everyone welcome to check, comment, suggest etc etc.
At the time of post: 17.91% done
7th-Jun-2002 08:36 pm - Page 1 [old : word list]
pink, soft, sweet, blossom, tranquility
Sikit je baru. Confuse nye banyak.
With the help of ePedoman.com, I managed to do this bit.

Default = ????
Edit = sunting?
upload = muat naik
download = memuat turunkan
Keywords = Kata kunci
Relevant Links = Link yang berkaitan / Hubungan yang berkaitan?
community = kommuniti / masyarakat?
post = pos / kirim?

check out Page 1 later and edit mana yg tak betul.
easier to translate a whole sentence (that u could still comprehend) rather than one word at a time, i think. tsk!

and sorry if i accidently terkacau someone else's translations =)
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