May 29th, 2002

big dog
  • ucet


i've made some changes to the translations that some of us might have made. i hope it's alright with you guys. I think it is important for us to not focus too much in just translating the language word for word. we ought to consider how it sounds too since every language has their own structure in their sentence. anyway, i'll probably do more corrections when i can. in the mean time, if there's any "translated" sections that you think is not right, do inform us yeah...

btw... i'm suggesting some of these just so that our translation can be more uniformed and consistent. those who are armed with the new edition of dewan bahasa will probably have a lot of things to say to me... don't be too harsh on this list, k... =(

create = reka
website = laman
update = kemaskini
modify = ubah suai
switch = tukar
FAQ = Soal Jawab
comment = komen
user = pengguna
post = pos
preview = ?
reply = balas
interest = minat
home = rumah NOTTT!!! laman utama (perhaps)
region = rantau
maintainer = penyelenggara

Options = opsyen or pilihan?
friend/s = kawan/sahabat/rakan??
password = kata laluan or should it be maintained as it is?
username = nama pengguna or maintained as it is?

hah~ did my presentation today, so i decided to treat myself to a night of translations!