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Hey newbie post.... + update

Hey guys,
So right now tengah mentranslate. As usual, am stumped by the technical terms. Too bad, I don't have the DBP Computer Glossary right about now.
My method right now is to find the meaning of the terms in English and menggapai for an appropriate Malay term....

Stumped: (in brackets are what I'm using now)

- Default *first encountered in pg 1* - (asal)
definition: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/d/default.html
- Attribute *first encountered in pg 6* - (ciri)
definition: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/a/attribute.html

Update: (anyone welcome to a better suggestion)
- Actions: gerakan
- Manage: urus
- Moderate : awas/pengawasan
- Moderator: pengawas
- Maintain: kendali
- You need to enter your username: //in place of enter, I put 'menginputkan'. Ok?//
- friend: kawan
- Setting: seting (this one I checked in the DBP bilingual dictionary. But then again, it's not a computer specific dict.) I do like the sound of 'larasan'... but like I said, we need a proper English-Malay computer/technical glossary. (and I'm broke. Bweh)
- Username: Nama pengguna
- Password: Kata laluan (seeing how thanks to EraFM, it's now common usage)
- Access: laluan/kebenaran, whichever's appropriate
- Posting Access: Kebenaran Mempos //Posting is another word for 'publish', though I think 'menerbit' is damn melampau...//
- Approve this entry? : Benarkan pos ini?
- pre-approved : pra-dibenarkan //pg 8 & 11//
- poster: Yang membuat pos //pg 8//
- View: ruang pandangan //pg 9//
- protocol error: ralat protokol //pg 11//

In other news:
Now that Google has its own Malaysian version, I'll accept that the word for 'search' is 'carian'. Duly noted and acted on. (search - first encountered in pg 4// LJ Search Community //)

Also, regional communities >> komuniti rantauan. ok?

Plus, I maintained FAQ as it is. I think it's an acronym of common usage, so I left it be. I know there's a proper translation for 'link' too, but going by the common usage rule, I'm letting that be.

Heh. I sound so incredibly anal.

*pages done: 1 to... 20 at 0+ severity search... I dunno man. I forgot how I got these pages* Everyone welcome to check, comment, suggest etc etc.
At the time of post: 17.91% done
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