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Yo ho ho, another day another day

Howya all today? Watched Pirates of the Caribbean yet? ^^

I think I'm finally getting the hang of this notation thing. LOL

Things to remember: Friend - Sahabat. Also, get that damn technical glossary.

Anal Grammar notes, thanks to my lecturer:
compound words are spelled separately in root form (e.g ubah suai; hak milik), but spelled together with prefixes and suffixes (e.g. diubahsuaikan)

Notes for today:

Page 1: //customize/index.bml.error.no_core_parent --to-- developer/index.bml.styles.s1.system.about// Sev: 3
- No core parent?: Tiada ibu teras? (Help me out here. Any better suggestion for parent?)
- Previews: pratonton
- Early adopter: pengguna awal
- Advanced: lebih taraf
- To create new layers and styles from scratch: Untuk mencipta lapisan dan stail baru tanpa acuan
- setup: disusun/tersusun

Page 2: //developer/index.bml.styles.s1.varlist --to-- developer/index.bml.title// Sev:3
- Variable: Pembolehubah
- Browser: (I'm sure there's a proper term in Malay, but I'm going with the common usage rule. HAHA)

Page 3: //ddirectory.bml.error.accounttype --to-- doc/index.bml.docs.tour.about// Sev:3
- Log in: login
- Repository: Tempat simpanan
- (I forgot!) Server: Pelayan (don't laugh. I toldya official translation kinda iffy)
- Frequently Asked Questions about LiveJournal.com: FAQ atau Soal Jawab mengenai LiveJournal.com
- Tips and tricks: tip dan helah (blergh)
- hack: godam. (yup. I'm not kidding)

Page 4: //doc/index.bml.docs.tour.title --to-- doc/tour/index.bml.comms.title// Sev: 3
- Tour: Teroka (actual use), but I use Lawatan
- (Forgot lagi)Program: Aturcara

Page 5: //doc/tour/index.bml.create.caption --to-- doc/tour/index.bml.nav.prev// Sev: 3
- (d'oh) Create: cipta
- Friends: Para Sahabat

Page 6: //doc/tour/index.bml.profile.caption --to-- editinfo.bml.allowshowcontact.email.withdomainaddr// Sev: 3
- Site Map: Peta Laman

Ok, I'm going to my Japanese class now. -_-;;

At time of post: 24.26% done
Tags: old : translations, old : word list

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