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LJ Malay Translation Team
This is not a badly-translated movie subtitle.
Short update! 
19th-Sep-2003 03:08 pm [old : word list]
loopy smiley
Hola you all,

Sorry dah lama tak buat kerja, but am busy with other stuff (e.g other translating projects that I need to pass. Bah.)

At this mo' haven't continued yet, but am posting this very interesting bit of trivia....

The word 'default' does not exist within DBP's lexicon...! waaaah....

Seriously. I went to look it up at the mammoth Dwibahasa one, the one with the jade green cover, but no dice. I looked it up in its Computer and Technical Bilingual one, pun takde.

In the end, it's the Federal-Chambers Dictionary that came through.

So, you know, for future reference, the word for default is...

'fungsi lalai'.

ok, ta! see y'all later. :)
22nd-Sep-2003 11:28 pm (UTC) - Lalai?
DBP seriously need to find a better translation for 'default' then. 'fungsi lalai' sounded more like a fungsi yg melalaikan or a failed function. whateva. it sounds wrong to me.

but you're doing a great job here, Nina.. keep it up =)
23rd-Sep-2003 07:51 am (UTC) - Re: Lalai?
Well, to be completely technical, it IS true. But yeah, it does sound 'eh...'.

And thanks for the compliment! Hee. :)
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