Kakashi Chan (serabut) wrote in lj_malay,
Kakashi Chan

A lil' bit o' work...

Holaaaas. Because I'm anal, here we go... :)
(p/s lilyn, if you're onboard, welcome! And er, sila-silalah buat notation like this, just so obssessive people like me can keep up. Hehe.)

Again, please give feedback etc if you feel patut ditukar or anything. :)

Page 1: /changepassword.bml.changepassword.instructions --to-- /editinfo.bml.blockrobots.header (Sev:3)
- reminder, 'enter' is translated into 'input'. Got better suggestions? (e.g: enter an account creation code = sila inputkan kod penciptaan akaun)
- Turn this on if you want your city/state/country and birthday to be visible to other users. = Pilih opsyen ini...
- It seems a little creative translation is needed, as the instructions are very casual, and thus, slang-y.

Page 2: /editinfo.bml.chat.aolim.title --to-- /editinfo.bml.error.day.outofrange (sev:3)
- this one, I just copy balik all the names, because your typical Malay-language user would've used the terms in the original form anyway (or at least understood it), like AOL IM or ICQ UIN. Kalau for those yang boleh translate like MSN Username, then I translate.

Page 3: /editinfo.bml.error.email.lj_domain --to-- /editinfo.bml.error.locale.state_ne_country (sev: 3)

Page 4: /editinfo.bml.error.locale.zip_ne_state --to-- /editinfo.bml.finished.header (Sev: 3)
- I know United States is Amerika Syarikat in BM, but I'm keeping United States, because I realised that the country list will not be translated (at least, I tak jumpa lagi) and it'll be confusing. (same goes for pg 3)
- or a nickname or handle. = atau nama samaran. That's it. It means the same thing, kan?
- If you're going to use text messaging = Jika anda ingin menggunakan perkhidmatan SMS
- Service provider?? help! Penyedia servis?

Would like to do more, but gtg. :)

Complete: 25.37%
Tags: old : translations

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