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'Translation privileges' dan lain-lain

Hey all.

I've purged the translation privileges list of the former translators and updated with those who recently offered. If you're interested in (re)joining the team, please comment here.

As this is an official LJ translation community, I ask that all posts here stay on topic. I'll be going through the old posts and removing the unrelated and obsolete ones (since there's few enough posts to go through and I like the idea of starting on a clean slate).

We will also be making use of the tags to help us keep track of what's been/being done. We'll discuss this another time. Right now, I'm tagging old posts that we'll be keeping for reference.

Oh yeah, please use the Subject line when posting.

I'm a little confused with some of serabut's old posts. It says things like "Page 1: so and so" but I find no such thing when I go to Page 1. I suspect the pages have changed since then. serabut, if you're reading this, can you verify this? In any case, I'm keeping her posts for reference.

Apart from actual translating work, we need a master word list to ensure consistency. If anyone is interested in this task, let me know. You don't have to actually be one of the translators or do any translating work if you don't want to. You just have to compile a list of words and keep it up to date as additional words come in. You'll probably be kept rather busy in the beginning!

serabut, sol and putri have contributed greatly to this in the earlier stages of this project so their posts (tagged here) is a good place to start.

To all previous translators, thank you for kicking off the project. You're welcomed back on the job anytime.

I'm working on a recruitment post for malaysians and katakita and will probably post within the next couple of days, after I work a few more things out.
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