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FAQ ver. 1

This FAQ is a work in progress. I hope it'll help answer basic questions for those who are interested and those who are already here.

Do ask if any point needs clarification or any questions are unaddressed.


I'm interested in helping you translate. What do I do?
Email me at lj_malay @ livejournal.com with your username and let me know what you can do. If you're a professional translator or you speak/write excellent Malay, I want to know.

(Note to those who came here via malaysians or katakita: reply to this post.)

What will translation work involve?
We will be going through LJ page by page with the Language Editor. I will not be imposing any strict deadlines or anything, but I do expect some progress within a reasonable time frame.

burr86 posted a very helpful guide here on how the user interface works.

I can't continue helping anymore because [insert reason here].
Not a problem. This is strictly volunteer work so nobody will make you stay if you can't or don't want to. All I ask for is that you let us know what you are working on (if any) so the next person knows what to do.

I don't understand Malay and I need something translated. Can I ask you?
No. Go ask somewhere else.
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