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Am at: /community/index.bml.main

Hey guys, sorry that haven't dropped in for so long, but I got some time to kill for now, so I'm working on the page above. Hope that's all right? Here's the link: HERE (the top half has been translated and I did not touch that)

Here's a few more contentious terms:
- downtime - which I translated as 'masa rosak' (as according to LinguaWeb), plus I added the original English term in brackets.
- instant messengers - I maintained this in quotes, the translation of Many of them use popular instant messengers becomes Ramai yang menggunakan program-program 'instant messenger' yang popular
- Chat - For the header of that section ('Chat!') I maintained the original term, however for the body of the text I translated it to 'borak'. I maintained the header because I figure it is in common usage in Malay anyway.
- text messages - this I simply translated to 'SMS', as per the Malaysian usage. :)
- Open Source - Sumber Terbuka?
- Server-side application - ??

That's all for now!
Tags: in progress

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