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LJ Malay Translation Team

This is not a badly-translated movie subtitle.

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This community is for the Malay translation team.

I'm interested in helping you translate. What do I do?
Email me at lj_malay @ livejournal.com with your username and let me know what you can do. If you're a professional translator or you speak/write excellent Malay, I want to know.

What will translation work involve?
We will be going through LJ page by page with the Language Editor. I will not be imposing any strict deadlines or anything, but I do expect some progress within a reasonable time frame.

burr86 posted a very helpful guide here on how the user interface works.

I can't continue helping anymore because [insert reason here].
Not a problem. This is strictly volunteer work so nobody will make you stay if you can't or don't want to. All I ask for is that you let us know what you are working on (if any) so the next person knows what to do.

I don't understand Malay and I need something translated. Can I ask you?
No. Go ask somewhere else.

Error Alert
Found something lost in translation? Report it here so we can fix it!

Joining the Team
Anyone with a fair grasp of the language and some time to spare can join the team. Please join the community and send an email to lj_malay @ livejournal.com to request translation privileges.

Team members are also requested to join and watch lj_translate.

Last updated: 7 April 2007